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There are three of us on this ride.  I’m Christie, and having spent fourteen years in the software business I am the de-facto technical expert and administrator of this site.  Training to become a small animal veterinarian did nothing to dislodge my family’s belief that I somehow know the inner-workings of everything from calculators to Google, so for better or worse, I run this joint.  My husband Wiley (that’s Wiley the Third, similar to Robert the Bruce and other important historical figures) owns and runs several Internet-based health insurance businesses.  My son, Wiley (he’s The Fourth; pay attention or you’ll get confused) is currently in 5th grade, and an expert at debating his parents and all things Minecraft.  Soon we will move from our home in Colorado to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to live for one year.  This blog chronicles our preparations and experiences.  We invite all comments and inquires, as long as debate is respectful and thought-provoking.

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