Let’s Talk

If we know each other personally, which most of us do, you know that it can be hard to shut me up.  I didn’t need to kiss the Blarney Stone to receive the gift of gab, but hell yes, when I was there I sure did kiss it, regardless, just to be sure.  I’ve got lots to say about our upcoming year in Mexico, and I’m planning a lot of blog posts in the upcoming weeks.  Things like how do we plan to get two chihuahua/terrier mixes to Mexico?  What’s little Wiley’s school experience going to be like?  What types of things are we taking with us?  Are we worried about crime in Mexico?  

Lots to talk about, and I am up to the challenge, trust me.  But I’d love to hear from you.  If you have any questions you’d like me, or any of us, to address, send them my way.  You can comment on this blog post, or email me directly at christielong at comcast.net (please substitute “@” for “at”).


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